Applications for our 2017 events have now closed. If you are interested in exhibiting at the 2018 Festival or Christmas Market, please sign up to our exhibitor email list for updates.

General information relating to stallholders can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you need any further information, please contact us.

Exhibitor FAQ

Both events

How do I apply?
Applications take place in February/March and are now closed for this year’s events. In February, application forms are uploaded to the website for approximately 5 weeks. Applications received are then considered by a selection panel and a selection is made. We select roughly two thirds of applications for both events.

How many visitors attend your events?
Depending on the weather, around 30,000 people attend the Festival in September and about 5,000 come to the Christmas Market.

What are your selection criteria?
Our aim is to offer visitors a wide range of the highest quality local, regional and occasionally international artisan food produce. To this end we strongly favour Welsh produce, although we recognise and try to reflect that the Marches and South Western counties of England are also local. However, we like to accept any artisan produce that we consider absolutely top quality or of unique interest, made within the UK.

What can I do to optimise my chances of selection?
Being concise, give us as much information with your application as possible; focus on whether you grow and/or make your own produce and what you plan to do at the event. Help us know your produce. Where practical, if you haven’t exhibited with us before, samples can be very useful in helping us compare products but are not a definite requirement. Alternatively, if you are attending any events local to us, let us know and we will try to get out to see your stall and produce. Please note that providing samples in no way guarantees selection. September Festival: offer something a bit different – visitor feedback cites too many meat burgers, sausages, chutneys and chocolate brownies. Christmas Fair: only apply if you can offer seasonal fare.

What is a risk assessment and how do I create one?
For full information on risk assessments please go to the following government website.

I don’t have any risks, do I need a risk assessment?
Yes, you do. Some questions to ask yourself if you believe you are without risk are: what are you doing to avoid slips, trips, falls or injury from falling stock during unloading and loading; injury due to incorrect placement of your produce, merchandise, equipment or empty packaging, or toppling merchandise, produce, equipment or empty packaging; risk of damage of fixtures and fittings whilst unloading, loading and setting up? If your produce is in glass, what are you doing to avoid breakages and, if there are breakages, what are you doing to preserve the safety of your staff as well as the general public? You can label any applicable risks ‘low risk’ if that’s what you feel they are. 

Abergavenny Food Festival (September)

What are the dates of the event?
16th and 17th September 2017

What sites are available?
Open air enclosed markets: The Cheese & Wine Market (Chadwick’s Place), Tiverton (Chadwick’s Place), Upper Brewery Yard, and the Night Market (Lower Brewery Yard, open until 10pm) are in car parks around the town. The Fish Market is in the medieval outer courtyard of St Mary’s Church. These areas have overnight security. Under cover markets: Abergavenny’s Victorian Market Hall and the Priory New Producers’ Market (was Priory Souk) which is under a marquee in the inner courtyard of St Mary’s Church. Both these areas have overnight security. Three streets and two squares are closed for stalls but must be completely vacated overnight. There is no security or electricity for these areas.

What are the trading hours?
All sites except Lower Brewery Yard: Saturday 9.30am-6pm and Sunday 9.30am-5pm. Lower Brewery Yard: Saturday 9.30am-10pm, Sunday 9.30am-5pm.

What size are the stalls/pitches?
2.5m x 2.5m or 3m x 3m depending on site, Priory New Producers’ Market 2m x 2m.

How much are the stalls?
2017 prices include stall or pitch and table only and include both days. Market Hall: £450.00, Lower Brewery Yard (includes night market trading): £400, other open air enclosed market areas: £350.00, street stalls £250.00 (no electricity available), Priory New Producers’ Market (new and tiny businesses only – was Priory Souk): £200.00. Catering and alcohol sales are an additional £150 in all areas except the Priory. The Priory Fish Market is £450 for caterers and alcohol sales and £350 for primary produce. Electricity is an additional cost.

How much is electricity?
Paid in advance: £50 for the first 16amps, £30 per subsequent 16amps. On the day: £75 for the first 16amps, £50 per subsequent 16amps.

Christmas Food & Drink Fair

What date is the event?
Sunday 10th December 2017.

What sites are available?
Halls: Abergavenny’s Victorian Market Hall, Priory Centre (St Mary’s Priory). Marquees: Upper Brewery Yard, the inner courtyard at St Mary’s Priory.

What are the trading hours?

What size are the pitches?
Approximately 2.5m x 2.5m, exact stall sizes and types vary depending on the site.

How much are the pitches?
2017 prices include pitch and table only except in Cross Street where a stall is included also. Market Hall: £195.00, Upper Brewery Yard marquee: £120.00, Priory (marquee and hall): £105.00, Cross Street stalls £75.00 (no electricity available). Producer catering pitches are an additional £50 in any area. Electricity is also an additional cost.

How much is electricity?
Paid in advance: £40 for the first 16amps, £25 per subsequent 16amps. On the day: £60 for the first 16amps, £40 per subsequent 16amps.