Special Tickets: Angela Clutton Vinegar Event & Book Bundle

Date: Sunday 22nd September
Time: 11:00 - 12:00
Location: Masterclass, St Mary's Priory Centre, Abergavenny
Price: £38.00

This everyday ingredient has a surprising history and is having a resurgence thanks in no small part to food historian Angela Clutton’s latest book that explains how important it is for flavour. For those keen to find out more we’ve created a special bundle where you attend Angela’s masterclass and take her book home with you all for the discounted price of £38.00

Event – The Vinegar Cupboard with Angela Clutton (Sun 22nd at 11.00am)
Join award-winning food writer and historian Angela Clutton as she takes you on a journey into the history and significance of this everyday ingredient. With increasing recognition of the importance of vinegar to balance and enhance flavours, this store-cupboard staple is having a resurgence. Her debut book The Vinegar Cupboard has just been published to huge acclaim, and in this session Angela will guide you through the culinary usefulness and global heritage of this ancient ingredient, talking you through how different vinegars are made and how to make best use of it in your food – and drinks. You’ll get an opportunity to try some of the best artisan vinegars around, exploring the different flavour profiles and how to know which vinegars to buy. She’ll teach you how acidity can play an important role in cooking, and you’ll have a chance to sample some dishes that demonstrate the important role vinegar can play in your everyday cooking.

Book – The Vinegar Cupboard by Angela Clutton (Collect at the festival and get it signed by the author)
“The research in this is just astonishing. It’s written with such knowledge and enthusiasm and the recipes look terrific. If you care about flavour you’ll love this book” – Diana Henry
“What the emphasis on vinegar as an ingredient really does here is point up the importance of balance in cooking… I have my eye on so many of the recipes in this book” – Nigella Lawson”
Everything you ever needed to know about this vital ingredient for good cooking’ – Ken Hom
From food writer and historian Angela Clutton comes The Vinegar Cupboard, published by Bloomsbury, demonstrating the many great ways vinegars can be used to balance and enhance flavours, and enable modern cooks to make the most of this ancient ingredient. There aren’t too many ingredients which manage to bring flavour and adaptability to recipes and are actively good for you, but vinegar manages it, and this must-have new book, winner of the Jane Grigson Trust Award 2018, looks at how they have woven their way through culinary and medical history for thousands of years, and highlights the ways we can all benefit from vinegar in our diet.
There is a growing interest in vinegars and a recognition of the role acidity plays in cooking, and within these pages, Angela Clutton shows how much can be achieved using just red or white wine vinegar in your cooking, as well as exploring the vast array of vinegars available. The range of vinegars on the market are expanding rapidly, and you can easily find fruit, herb, sherry, cider, malt, rice, balsamic and many types of red and white wine vinegars (from rioja through to champagne) on your supermarket shelves. The Vinegar Cupboard encourages cooks to have an arsenal of as many varieties of vinegars as they can fit in their kitchen; while we don’t expect everyone to have a vinegar cupboard, we’d like to think this book will encourage a vinegar shelf at least!

Angela Clutton

Angela Clutton