SITOPIA – Carolyn Steel (PM) and Sheila Dillon

Date: Tuesday 15th September
Time: 18:30 - 19:15
Location: Virtual Abergavenny Food Festival

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“I am delighted to be talking about my new book Sitopia at this year’s Virtual Abergavenny Food Festival. In it, I discuss how we can rebuild the world better through food – and this was written before the pandemic struck! There are many resonances between the issues I discuss in the book and the crises we now confront with COVID – and I believe that however we rebuild after this, a good food revolution must be at the core.”  – Carolyn Steel

In her seminal work Hungry City, architect and writer Carolyn Steel brilliantly traced how the evolution of cities has been shaped by their food supplies. Sitopia is her eagerly awaited second book. 

She is reunited in conversation with broadcaster Sheila Dillon. Will Carolyn reprise the role of future Prime Minister which Sheila bestowed on her for a recent edition of BBC Radio 4’s Food Programme?