The BEACH HOUSE Kitchen with Hywel Griffith

Date: Sunday 20th September
Time: 15:00 - 15:45
Location: #VAFF2020

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Join Hywel Griffith for a demonstration in the Beach House kitchen followed by a Q&A on all things food, the Gower and beyond. His neighbours Kate and Rob Jenkins from Gower Cottage Brownies do the questions in English and Welsh (sub-titled) respectively.

Hywel is Wales’ newest recruit to the Michelin Star ranks, winning his first in the 2020 list

Click here for a glimpse of  his beautiful food in the stunning setting of Oxwich Bay.

Here are the dishes that Hywel will be cooking for this demo:


Persil, betys, llys, rhyddigl ac vinag sherri

Parsley, beetroot, blueberry and sherry vinegar


Bara Brith gyda hyfan ia te

Bara brith with tea ice cream

A Beach House starter

Bara brith Soufle