Deb Blackmore

Plump Hill Farm is a small family farm in the heart of the Forest of Dean run by husband and wife Stuart and Deb Blackmore, a venture born out of a desire for self-sufficiency, an acute dislike of intensive farming practices, concerns about the decreasing numbers of traditional breeds and uncertainty about the provenance of the food on our plates.

Their mission is for livestock to be happy and healthy and to provide customers with fabulous meat, safe in the knowledge that the animals have been raised to the highest welfare standards.  Plump Hill Farm’s produce is traditional – lamb, pork and beef – just like it used to taste.

They are also passionate about supporting other local businesses and working in partnership with both suppliers and customers, people who share their ethos and are keen to work in supporting rare and traditional breeds, helping to maintain their national heritage and in ensuring ethical farming practices.

Plump Hill Farm is a labour of love; a lifestyle choice; a desire to do things properly.

Farmyard Tent Talks

Farmyard Tent Talks