The Seafood Shack

The Seafood Shack is an outdoor catering business located in the beautiful village of Ullapool on the North-West Coast of Scotland.

Kirsty and Fenella are two local ladies with experience of both catering and the fishing industry in Ullapool and the Highlands. Their intention with the Seafood Shack is to offer top quality seafood that is caught and landed locally.

Fenella and Kirsty have had many highlights since opening the Shack, but one stands out. Last year they were delighted to win one of the BBC Food and Farming awards, the best street food and takeaway business in the UK.

“The Seafood Shack aims to deliver beautifully cooked seafood that has come from our waters in a manner that respects the quality of produce we are lucky to have on hand. We want to keep it good value and ensure that our customers will be happy and want to come back again and again.”

Each day the fishermen come in and drop off their ‘catch of the day’ which enables us to then create our daily menu. An ever changing menu has always been one of the highlights of coming to the Shack. Quite often while customers are at the Shack they get the view of fishing boats coming in and out of Ullapool and even getting to meet some of the fishermen while they drop off their catch.”

A lot of Britain’s seafood goes to Europe but happily this is slowly changing, if people ask for, buy and appreciate local seafood we can keep it here. For raw fish, if you aren’t lucky enough to buy straight from the fisherman, buying from the local fishmonger rather than a large retailer helps keep the profit in your community.

Shellfish of the British Isles

Shellfish of the British Isles