Matt Pritchard

Former pro-skater and MTV Dirty Sanchez daredevil Matthew Pritchard now is an ultra-athlete and a passionate plant-based cook. He loves nothing more than proper, tasty, delicious vegan food, so much so that in 2019 he became the presenter of the BBC’s first vegan TV cookery show, Dirty Vegan and published a cookery book of the same title.

At the age of 15 Matt picked up a skateboard and never looked back. He spent his younger years travelling to skateboard competitions all over the UK and Europe and eventually picked up sponsorship and turned pro. Then in his mid-20s he got a call from MTV and he began filming the first series of MTV’s Dirty Sanchez – the British equivalent of Jackass. It quickly became MTV’s highest rating show and made a star out of Matt and his friends. Further TV and a film followed, and Matt’s addictive personality had him living the party lifestyle so much that many thought he wouldn’t survive into his 40s.

Discovering fitness turned his life around and since 2011 Matt has run half and full marathons, single, double and triple Ironman distance events along with many other self-set challenges. In 2015 he became vegan after discovering that many ultra-athletes choose a plant-based diet for health reasons; a transition that was accelerated after he watched the Netflix documentary Cowspiracy.

Since the BBC series has aired, Matt is in extraordinary demand at an international level, he is breaking stereotypes around vegan food and has a genuinely infectious enthusiasm for life. He believes in celebrating the joy of beautiful, colourful, fresh plant-based dishes that are easy to cook at home – and the fact that his cook book Matt Pritchard’s Dirty Vegan is now an Amazon bestseller is testament to this. Though he still remains a bit of a rebel with an anarchic edge!

Plant-based BBQ with BBC’s Dirty Vegan, Matt Pritchard

Plant-based BBQ with BBC’s Dirty Vegan, Matt Pritchard