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Rude Health Rants

The Rude Health Rants team, led by co-founder and chief ranter Nick, are a proudly outspoken gang who aren’t afraid of standing up for real, honest food.

The Rude Health Rants have been running at the Abergavenny Food Festival for 8 years and are an opportunity to give companies, speakers, chefs and producers a voice through a short rant, about something close to their heart.

Whether its an appeal for more food education in schools, a rant about rubbish supermarket sushi, or even a love poem to the Festival - ranters rant about anything that gets them going.  The ranters are a top notch line-up of food producers, chefs and food writers, ranting to an audience of foodies, chefs and bloggers so it is a lot of fun.

Throughout the weekend Festival-goers were given the chance to join them at the Castle in their mission to eat right, and stay brilliant by speaking up.

Ranters with a diverse range of topics took to the stage with the following talks:



Regula Ysewijn, Miss Foodwise - Clean Eating!

William Sitwell - Problems with Chief Medical Officer & Cronies & Low Guidelines About Healthy Drinking

Jim Hamilton, The King's Arms Hotel - Grumpy Complaining Git Advisor (GCGA)

Nick Russell, The Watercress Company - Wasabi: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Richard Erlich

Charles Martell, Charles Martell & Son - Cheese

Tim Hayward

Naomi Devlin - Free From on Supermarket Shelves and Health Food Stores

Eleanor Ford - Being Adventurous with Baby Food

Catherine Fookes, Organic UK Food - Brexit and Our Food System


Jim Hamilton, The King's Arms Hotel - Are Health Recommendations Just Advertising?

Chris Young, The Real Bread Campaign - Bread

Kimiko Barber - Sushi

Rachael Watson, The Abergavenny Baker - Gluten Intolerance from a Foodie and Medical Perspective

Simi Rezai, Simi's Kitchen 

Anand George, Purple Poppadom - The Inspiration Behind his Book

Bill King, Artisan Baker - The Rise of the “ Instagram Chef” if Possible a Triumph of Style over Substance – in more ways than one

Rufus Carter, The Patchwork Traditional Food Company - The Only Thing that Makes Food Great is the Company

Elaine Blanchard, The Food Assembly - Food Assemblies and Cutting Food Wastage in Abergavenny

Cyrus Todiwala, Café Spice Namaste


1:00pm-2:00pm - The Big Fat Debate

Free for wristband holders