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Join Genevieve Taylor, live fire cook, author and founder of the Bristol Fire School as she chats  about the wonderfully addictive nature of fire cooking,

On her first visit to Mexico she was astounded by the unexpected diversity of fruit and vegetables.  She learnt that Mexico is mega-diverse with

Talk baking and Bake Off with one of the stars of Great British Bake Off 2019. Although known on the show for her colourful stylish bakes,

Henry Mance is  Chief Features Writer at the Financial Times. In his first book How to Love Animals and Protect our Planet he set

Jeremy comes from three generations of Chinese chefs. He founded the School of Wok in 2009, originally as a mobile cookery school teaching Chinese

On arrival in the UK, Santosh worked his way up through some of  London’s top Indian restaurants, rising to the role of Executive Chef 

Joe trained as a chef and worked in kitchens while pursuing a parallel career as a food and travel photographer. A lifelong vegetarian, his

Angela grew up behind the counter of The Lucky Star, her parents’ Chinese takeaway in Beddau, South Wales. Takeaway is a fascinating memoir; a

Nicolette’s phrase ‘It’s not the cow, it’s the how’ sums up the powerful case she makes for pasture-fed beef being part of the solution

In Red Sauce, Brown Sauce: A British Breakfast Odyssey  Felicity set out on a bicycle to test the theory that breakfast is the high