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21-22 SEP 24

Get creative: re-forest the rafters

Bettina Reeves’ fabulous Market Hall installation (made with the help of many talented volunteers) is at the heart of AFF. It’s early days, but she’s already made a start for September.

This year’s theme is Agroforestry – the practice of mixing various types of crops, flora, and fauna in order to increase agricultural yields and sustainability.

The idea is to work with 2D cut-outs of broadleaf native trees and fruits, interspersed with ‘grazing’ farm animals (see watercolour sketch below). All will be embellished with a mix of appliqué, painting and collage. Bugs and butterflies may get a look-in too. The aim is to get the look of traditional Folk Art pieces. I have been inspired by the Soil Association’s video ‘Agroforestry on upland farms in the UK’, Mark Hearld’s stunning new book ‘Raucous Invention – the joy of making‘, and last but not least, a friend’s folk art cow from America.”

UPDATE: We recently called out to anyone creative who’d like to join the volunteer making team. We’ve had lots of interest and Bettina now has all the help she needs.

Do check out ‘Tales of the Making’ – an article on Bettina and friends featured in last year’s AFF magazine. Colourful photos give a feel for the whole experience. See pages 17 to 22

(Header photo shows Bettina at work on last year’s project. Photography by Simon Regan)