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21-22 SEP 24

Kate Hawkings and Richard Tring  – When Life Gives You Oranges

Let Kate and Richard show you that there’s more to orange liqueurs than Cointreau.

Curaçao triple secs, as orange liqueurs are more properly named, are among the oldest ingredients in a cocktail maker’s artillery. Not just essential in every margarita, triple sec can be used in so many other ways. They will be telling its story while tasting longstanding stalwarts of the category alongside newer producers of this delicious, versatile liqueur, and coming up with some simple but orangetastic drinks that you can replicate at home.

Kate Hawkings is a freelance drinks writer and author of Aperitif:  A Spirited Guide to the Drinks, History and Culture of the Aperitif.  Richard Tring runs The Aperitivo! Co in Bristol: makers of vermouths and other fine cocktail ingredients.

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