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Margaret Rand – Around the World with Pinot Noir

What’s the best Pinot Noir you’ve ever tasted?

Pinot Noir is the great red grape of Burgundy, and is probably responsible for more ecstasy and more disappointment than any other – grape, that is.

To mark the publication of the 2025 edition of Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Guide (out 12 September), Margaret Rand (the new incarnation of HJ) will be opening some Pinot Noirs from around the world and will demonstrate exactly why Pinot is the world’s most loved, most desired, most admired, most seductive and most frustrating grape. We’ll be tasting examples from Burgundy to New Zealand, via Oregon and Germany. And – yes – Wales.

Margaret is teaming up with local wine merchant Chesters for this whirlwind world tour. She’ll look at what makes Pinot different in each country, why some Pinot is better than others, and what ‘better’ means, and if you don’t yet know Pinot, just what you’ve been missing. Expect surprises, insights and utter deliciousness. And if you want a copy of the Pocket Book to read up on Pinot before the tasting, go to https://amzn.to/4dYMiaX

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