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21-22 SEP 24

Steak and Martini: A Classy Combo – Tim Hayward and Alice Lascelles

Tim Hayward is the most serious cookery writer I know. Whatever he says, I will listen. Whatever he writes, I will buy.’ High praise from Len Deighton on Festival favourite, Tim Hayward. Tim’s latest book is STEAK – The Whole Story, a crazed compendium of the lore, history and science of the most important cut of meat. Alice Lascelles in an award-winning drinks journalist, author and presenter, and Tim’s fellow-columnist at the Financial Times. Her new book isThe Martini: The Ultimate Guide to a Cocktail Icon. And as both will attest, steak and Martini is the perfect combo.

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There will be book signings at the Book-ish stand in the Market Hall and at The Castle

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